filius | 50 to 160 kW


Compact, high-performance biogas CHP plant from 50 to 150 kW.
Ideal for smaller biogas plants.

50 to 150 kW

The filius by 2G. Compact biogas specialist, 50 to 150 kW.

As a high-performance power plant in the electrical output range of 50 to 150 kW, the filius is designed especially for smaller biogas plants. Usually pre-mounted in the filius Containeras a turn-key compact module, it is quick and easy to put into operation.


As a satellite CHP plant, the filius can also be installed near the heat consumer and supplied via a microgas line.


New in the 150 kW class: filius 404.

The filius 404 by 2G, a biogas CHP plant with an electrical output of 150 kW, sets standards in efficiency and reliability within its output class. The 4-series by 2G has welcomed a new member. Like the agenitor 406 or the avus 500 plus, the filius 404 also uses the benefits of 4-valve technology enabling highly-efficient gas exchange in the combustion chamber. Another common feature is the use of steel pistons, which significantly reduce frictional power and heat losses. Overall, the filius 404 has clear efficiency advantages over other motors of its output class with an efficiency level of 41.6%.


The filius at a glance:

  • Biogas CHP range with an electrical output of 50 to 150 kW
  • Designed for smaller biogas plants
  • CHP plant available in space-saving filius container
  • Turn-key container solution facilitates on-site assembly and minimises installation costs
  • Compact design enables easy access for maintenance work


filius. 50 to 160 kW. Biogas

Type   Output Efficiency level
  Configuration Electrical Thermal Electrical Thermal Overall
filius 104
ct80-0 50 kW 70 kW 35.4 % 49.8 % 85.2 %
filius 204 ct80-0 64 kW 85 kW 36.3 % 48.1 % 84.4 %
filius 404 at135-0 75 (80) kW 85 kW 38.0 % 43.0 % 81.0 %
bt135-0 100 kW 110 kW 38.6 % 42.4 % 81.0 %
ct135-0 160 kW 155 kW 41.5 % 40.2 % 81.7 %
Info for download.

Info for download.

For all CHP plants by 2G: Output range, efficiency level, fields of use, set-up possibilities, noise protection etc.

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The filius in use.

The filius in use.

As a CHP plant with an electrical output of 50 to 150 kW, the filius is ideal for smaller biogas plants.

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