Gas Generator Power Plants from<br>the German technology leader

Gas Generator Power Plants from
the German technology leader

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Hello and welcome to 2G station for Africa!

2G Group is the largest independent manufacturer for gas generator systems in Europe with more than 3,500 installations commissioned since 1995 for Biogas and Natural Gas applications (Piped, Compressed and Liquified).

Our scope of expertise and know-how will enable you to operate

  • Captive to cut your energy expenses by up to 80%,
  • Embedded to provide energy to your local Distribution Company or
  • To cover your captive demand and to sell your excess capacity to Off-takers like your DisCo

We provide you with tailormade containerized solutions between 200kW and 4,500kW each, which can be combined to total installation sizes of 20,000 kW and more.

Our main focus is concentrated not just on selling and commissioning, but especially maintaining the quality and performance of our installations for many years and even decades.

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