Combined heat and power from<br />the German technology leader

Combined heat and power from
the German technology leader

Central Load Stabilizer (CLS)

2G has developed the Central Load Stabilizer (CLS) for Nigerian customers to provide 2G gas generator solutions for captive operations with the same operational reliability like diesel generators, but saving up to 80% of fuel costs compared to diesel plants.

operational-advantages-central-load-stabilizerThe Central Load Stabilizer is designed to enable the 2G gas generator system

  • to cope with large sudden jumps and drops in demand (“amplitude”),
  • to operate 2G gas generators even below their designed operational range and
  • to provide a smooth sustainable and reliable power supply without blackouts even during low demand times


The Central Load Stabilizer (CLS) can be adjusted to the client installation demand.

The following diagrams compare 

  • a 2G gas generator plant (3 x 1,500 kW) with Central Load Stabilizer and

  • a “normal” gas generator plant (3 x 1,500 kW) without Central Load Stabilizer.

2G Gas Generator with Central Load Stabilizer Gas Generator without Central Load Stabilizer
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