System optimization for maximum availability and efficiency

System optimization for maximum availability and efficiency

Perfect service for your 2G product

In order for the CHP plants to keep running at high efficiency, regular inspection and maintenance of motors and control systems by experienced professionals is imperative. With a plant availability of more than 95% 2G sets the standards in the industry.

Maintenance and repair

Highly skilled service technicians and a well stocked spare parts warehouse is the basis for a professional maintenance and repair service.

Use of video endoscopy in the service

With our maintenance and repair work we use modern video-endoscopy. Thus, engine components are examined without disassembly. Downtime of the plant (CHP) can thus be reduced to a minimum. Due to the extensive documentation a change in the equipment is traceable.

System optimization for maximum efficiency

2G utilizes the remote monitored data for continuous analysis of the system and can manipulate the control parameters and therefore optimize efficiency via remote connection. This ensures that each system achieves its maximum efficiency.

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