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Rent or lease a CHP plant.

Save energy costs in the long term - with no investment.
Rent or lease a CHP plant directly from the manufacturer.

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2G Rental. Rental and leasing options for CHP plants.

Rent or lease combined heat and power plants (CHP) directly from the manufacturer, because it pays off! Innovation and investment in future-proof technologies are urgently required for the energy transition. 2G Rental GmbH, a subsidiary of 2G Energy AG, supports energy suppliers, utility companies, municipalities and companies with attractive rental and leasing packages.


  • No investment necessary, innovation possible regardless of budget situation
  • Terms from 4 to 9 years
  • Applicable to investments up to 2 million Euros
  • Instalments adapted to term and cost-effectiveness
  • First instalment only payable upon commissioning and acceptance
  • All inclusive rate (CHP, transportation, commissioning, insurance coverage for transportation, machinery breakdown, service interruption and accidental loss)
  • At the end of the term, dismantling and return transport, purchase option (where encumbrance is registered) or extension option


Non-binding example calculation for the rental of an avus, installed in a container.

Term in months Monthly rental* Annual rental Total rental
48 8.873,00 € 106.476,00 € 425.904,00 €
60 7.229,00 € 86.748,00 € 433.740,00 €
72 6.134,00 € 73.608,00 € 441.648,00 €
84 5.352,00 € 64.224,00 € 449.568,00 €
96 4.767,00 € 57.204,00 € 457.632,00 €
108 4.312,00 € 51.744,00 € 465.696,00 €

*including: Transport, commissioning, insurance, dismantling and return transport


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2G. Product range.

2G. Product range.

From small to large: all products from the g-box to the avus are also available for rent from 2G Rental.

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Information for download.

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