2G Service.

Efficient and quick.

2G. Service.

Professional service concept

So that every combined heat and power plant works consistently and with maximum efficiency, 2G offers a professional service concept. The concept is based on three main pillars:

  • experience specialist staff, who will be on site quickly and reliably when needed
  • Innovative online tool for automatic remote diagnosis, remote control and remote maintenance
  • Full service maintenance contracts

On site quickly and reliably. 24/7.

A comprehensive service network and a fully stocked spare parts warehouse form the basis for a professional maintenance and repair service. 140 2G service vehicles and numerous specially trained service partners operate nationwide.


24h Service-Hotline

+49 (0) 1806 345 345
(0,20 Euro/call from the german line; 0,60 Euro/call from german mobile)





Automatic remote diagnosis, remote control and remote maintenance

2G has expanded servicing by remote access to the plant controller with an innovative component: 2G Power Plant. The core of the concept is automatic remote diagnosis of all plant parameters. If a technical irregularity occurs in a 2G power plant, this is automatically reported online, in real time, to the 2G Service Centre. This happens without the operator having to do anything. With the relevant plant parameters, the system also reports a proposed solution. An employee at the 2G Service Centre will immediately take appropriate measures for the plant to continue operating.


Maximum operational safety with a premium service contract.

With a premium service contract, any operator of a 2G power plant is well protected. No additional costs are incurred for maintenance and repair work (including all spare and consumable parts). The operator therefore retains full cost control.




Customer Support
Please contact

+49 (0) 2568 9347 0

24hr service hotline for
Installations from 50kW

+49 (0) 180 6 345 345

24hr service hotline for
Installations up to 50kW

+49 (0) 2568 9347 2707

(g-box 20 and g-box 50 only)