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The 2G newsletter is issued once a quarter with the latest information on the company and CHP technology. To receive the regular newsletter, please complete the following form. Previous issues of the newsletter can be downloaded.


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Latest issue:

CHP Journal June 2018

2G partner White Harvest Energy receives major order in the USA

Past issues:

CHP Journal January 2018

Evo Energy Technologies successful partner for 2G in Australia

CHP Journal October 2017

From mine gas to green electricity: Premiere in France

CHP Journal April 2017

Energy Partner 4.0: “We will make you even more successful”

CHP Journal August 2016

"From the supplier to the end customer – everyone is involved in the quality process" Interview with Production Manager Gert Wetter and QM Manager Tobias Henke.

2G CHP Journal April 2016

Focus on service. What happens in the background?

2G CHP Journal 03/2015

‟Digitization is the key to reliability“ Interview with 2G experts Karl-Heinz Gausling, Michael Großholdermann and Arne Köster from 2G

2G CHP Journal 02/2015

"Not resting on our laurels" Head of Development Frank Grewe on engine development at 2G

2G CHP Journal 01/2015

CHP plant covers energy requirements of an entire production facility in the food industry

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