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Become a part of 2G Energy

Who is 2G Energy?

Based in Heek, Germany, 2G Energy AG is a provider of combined heat and power plants for decentralised energy supply via cogeneration. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of combined heat and power plants, 2G has made a goal of being an intregral part in the global activity. As an internationally renowned company with thousands of satisfied customers, we are always on the hunt for strong and reliable partners to help us achieve the extraordinary in the field of combined heat and power production.

Our suppliers:

Our suppliers include a large number of innovative companies with high standards. 2G Energy values long-term cooperation based on partnership with the goal of achieving maximum quality and innovation together.

Our terms and conditions of purchase:


If you would like to join us and become one of our suppliers,
then simply register using the following form:


1. General data

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2. Company data  

Business information
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Most important reference customers with share of turnover in %
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3. Risk management

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4. Logistics

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5. Quality and certificates

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6. Which goods/services are you applying for?

Which goods/services are you applying for?*


7. Enclosed appendices

Brochure and product information
Organisational chart
Annual report
Risk management handbook
Machinery list
Other Appendix 1
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