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1995 | Founding

Christian Grotholt and Ludger Gausling found 2G Energietechnik GmbH in Heek. The name "2G" is derived from the first letter of the surnames of the two founders Ludger Gausling and Christian Grotholt. 2G is initially a local business. 2G primarily supplies customers from farming with 2G units, as the conversion to strawless husbandry at the time means that there is a need for high continuity of power and heat in the stalls. Not only do 2G combined heat and power plants produce significant savings in energy costs, but at the same time cover the substitute power supply required under the newly established Animal Welfare Ordinance (Tierschutzverordnung).


The company's first headquarters are in central Heek, "Am Markt 7", which is the location of the former forge (later a car repair shop) in the town of Heek.



2000 | Renewable Energy Act

The Renewable Energy Act (Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz, EEG) comes into force and is good for business. It guarantees producers of electricity from renewable sources, including biogas, fixed feed-in tariffs. The share of renewable energies in electricity generation is to increase to 40 to 45% by 2025.



2002 | Relocation

Once the EEG 2000 came into force and 2G subsequently installed many CHP plants in biogas plants, the business premises in central Heek became too small. 2G then moves to the Heek industrial zone, Benzstraße 10, in 2002.



2004 | First 2G CHP in Japan

The first 2G plants were being exported to the neighbouring Netherlands at the beginning of the new millennium. In 2004 follows the delivery to faraway Japan, an important step in the company's history, as will be seen later.



2007 | IPO

With 2G, a company which supplies integrated, highly-efficient technology for combined heat & power generation is present on the stock market for the first time: 2G Bio-Energietechnik AG.



2008 | Growth

2G takes a majority shareholding in AEM GmbH, which distributes micro-CHP plants for private customers, and in doing so wants to expand its own position in the small output range. Also in 2008, 2G Solutions S.L., based in Vic near Barcelona, is founded.



2009 | Innovation, natural gas, new buildings, international expansion

As the first provider on the German market, 2G presents a performance-optimised combined heat and power plant (CHP) with electrical output of 220 kW for operation with biogas. Thanks to the thermodynamic optimisation of the motor, the electrical efficiency of the CHP was increased by 2.2 percentage points to 40.6%.


2G jumps into the gas branch. The 2G CHP gas-operated plants are used for the generation of electricity and heat in residential areas, industry/trade, hospitals and schools as well as other public institutions.


2G builds two production halls with floor space of 1,500 m² each and a modern 1,000 m² administrative building. The 16,500 m² site offers space for further expansion.


2G expands to the US market and takes a stake in the sales company CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc., which then becomes 2G CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc.


AEM GmbH becomes 2G Home GmbH..



2010 | R & D and international expansion

With the establishment of the R&D company 2G Drives GmbH in Heek, 2G is consistently expanding the continuous research and development work into gas motor technology and the optimisation of peripherals.


2G expands to the US market and takes a stake in the sales company CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc., which then becomes 2G CENERGY Power Systems Technologies Inc.



2011 | Further expansion

The increasing focus on the natural gas sector and growing globalisation also become evident in the company name: 2G Bio-Energietechnik AG becomes 2G Energy AG.


2G continues to grow and establishes subsidiaries for sales and servicing in Italy, Poland and England. Meanwhile, international business grows, not only with European customers. The number of plant installations in the USA, Canada and Japan is also increasing.


The production capacities opened in 2009 are increased further by 3,000 m².



2012 | Production in the USA

2G opens a production facility in the USA: 2G Manufacturing Inc. and is now ideally prepared for the great market potential in the USA.


The development of its own 20 kW plant is started, which will be distributed by 2G Home from the end of the year. From now on, it will concentrate on the output range of 20 kW to 50 kW.



2013 | 4 megawatt CHP goes into operation, DIN EN ISO 9001 certification

Within just five months, 2G rebuilds a complete heating system to supply the heating grid for STEAG New Energies in Essen Rüttenscheid. In addition to the CHP with 4MW of electrical output, 2G builds a new complete 180 m² building on three levels during the project term and successfully commissions the plant in December.


DIN EN ISO 9001 certification is also granted in December.


Another production hall again with 3,000 m² of space is built in Heek.



2014 | Sales offensive

In order to drive forward the market penetration in the 20 kW segment and to leverage the great potential, 2G significantly expands the sales team at 2G Home and concludes strategic partnerships with heating engineers. The objective is to significantly increase sales of the g-box (20 to 50 kW).

At the Hanover Exhibition, 2G receives the unit certificates for compliance with the BDEW Medium Voltage Directive as one of the top manufacturers of CHP plants.

The market share in the core power range for gas-operated CHP plants in Germany is now almost 40%. In addition to framework agreements with major energy suppliers, 2G has firmly established itself in the German energy landscape with plant installations at Merck, Krombacher, BASF or Osram, amongst others.



2015 | Rental, leasing and setting the course in the USA

2G Rental GmbH is founded in Heek and offers leasing as an alternative to purchasing a CHP plant for the realisation of energy generation concepts using combined heat and power.


100% of shares in 2G CENERGY Power Systems Technologies are taken over in order to be able to leverage the potential more systematically here too.

2G in use worldwide.

2G in use worldwide.

2G has installed more than 4,000 plants worldwide. Find a selection of our references here

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2G. Product range.

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