patruus | 50 to 263 kW


Robust CHP plant in output range from 50 to 263 kW.
Operation with biogas and natural gas.

50 to 263 kW

The patruus by 2G. The traditional CHP solution.

With decades of established motor technology, the patruus is the most experienced member of the 2G power plant family. It is a robust and efficient supplier of electricity and heat and is available in the electrical output range up to 263 kW.


Fields of use for the patruus by 2G.

At the Talma Borgh seniors' centre in the Netherlands, a patruus 140 provides cozy warmth. At the Arena Riga in the Latvian capital, two patruus plats in a Twin Pack container supply an overall electrical output of 600 KW and thermal output of 760 kW. Both the electricity and the heat are one hundred percent used on site. The waste heat resulting from the combined heat and power generation is converted by an absorption chiller into cooling to pre-cool ice production for the ice rink. At Bremen Airport, a patruus 400 produces around 2,300 megawatt hours of electricity per year, which is as much as 460 four-member households consumer in a year. This also covers a large part of the terminal's heating requirements.


The patruus at a glance.

  • CHP range with an electrical output of 50 to 263 kW
  • Operation with natural gas or biogas
  • Designed as a turn-key compact module
  • High plant availability through established motor technology
  • Available both with aspirated motors and with turbocharged motors
  • Modular assembly facilitates installation in less accessible locations
  • Robust and low maintenance


patruus. 263 kW. Natural gas


 Type   Output Efficiency level
  Configuration Electrical Thermal Electrical Thermal Overall
patruus 140
as80-0 140 kW 207 kW 36.5 % 53.9 % 90.4 %
patruus 263
as80-1 263 kW 380 kW 38.0 % 54.9 % 92.9 %

patruus. 50 to 64 kW. Biogas


 Type   Output Efficiency level
  Configuration Electrical Thermal Electrical Thermal Overall
patruus 50
ct80-0 50 kW 70 kW 35.4 % 49.8 % 85.2 %
patruus 64
ct80-0 64 kW 85 kW 36.3 % 48.1 % 84.4 %
Info for download.

Info for download.

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The patruus in use.

The patruus in use.

In trade establishments, shopping centres, sports and event centres, office and administrative buildings etc.

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