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For enquiries on the company, CHP technology and on 2G CHP plants by 2G, please contact:

Julian Efker, Marketing
Tel. 02568 9347-2125 |

For enquiries on the 2G share and the combined heat and power generation market, please contact:
Ingo Janssen, Investor Relations
Tel. 02568 9347-2795 |

2G Energy launches low-emission CHP systems

2G. Figures, Facts & Data.

2G. Figures, Facts & Data.

2G Energy AG is an internationally leading manufacturer of highly efficient combined heat and power plants.

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Financial news.

Financial news.

Information on the 2G share and corporate development, financial reports and publication dates.

Investor Relations.
CHP Journal.

CHP Journal.

From mine gas to green electricity: Premiere in France

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+49 (0) 180 6 345 345

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+49 (0) 2568 9347 2707

(g-box 20 and g-box 50 only)

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