Combined heat and power plants.

Reduced and sustainable energy costs with decreased CO2 emissions.
With highly efficient and reliable CHP plants from a technology leader.

20 to 4.000 kW

Combined heat and power plants by 2G.
Cutting-edge technology made in Germany.

More than 5,000 technologically advanced combined heat and power plants by 2G are operating reliably all over the world. As a technological leader in the sector, we are never satisfied with what we have achieved. The development team at our own R&D company 2G Drives is continuously working on further development, particularly on the heart of a CHP plant, the gas motor.

In the output range from 250 to 550 kW, we have managed to significantly increase the efficiency level of the CHP plant with an improved combustion chamber geometry. For the operator, a higher efficiency level has significant advantages: lower gas consumption, lower fuel costs, higher yield.


Benefit from the advantages of 2G combined heat and power plants:

  • Efficient operating mode and long service life thanks to excellent motor quality
  • High reliability, even in regular start-stop operation
  • Requirements-based installation options, in accordance with the spatial conditions and the noise protection requirements
  • Adjustment to actual energy requirements thanks to modern controlling technology, continuously variable between 50 and 100 percent of the output range
  • Suitable for integration in virtual power plants and participation in the Electricity Balancing Market


Rent instead of buying.

Rent instead of buying.

Save energy costs in the long term - with no investment. Rent or lease a CHP plant directly from the manufacturer.

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Solutions for every location.

Solutions for every location.

In existing buildings or separately in a container or concrete sound hood.

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2G in use worldwide.

2G in use worldwide.

2G has installed more than 4,000 plants worldwide. Find a selection of our references here.

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