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Great energy-saving potential!

Combined heat and power generation (CHP) is becoming increasingly attractive for industry as concerns heat supply. Decentralised heat generation with highly efficient CHP plants offers great potential for energy savings. This is the case for a 20 kW plant in a small hotel or the 4 MW district heating system of a large energy provider.

When a high demand for heating and cooling arises in a process, such as in the food industry, the overall efficiency level can be raised by combined heat and power generation (CHP) in combination with absorption chillers thus exploiting additional energy-saving potential.

In larger indusutrial projects, experienced 2G engineers skilled in large motor technology will upon request undertake full project planning and control and provide professional support in the design of peripheral components.

Combined Heat & Power Generation.

Combined Heat & Power Generation.

Highly efficient, environmentally friendly and controllable. The ideal addition to renewable energies systems.

What can CHP do?
Multi-talented CHP.<br />
<br />

Multi-talented CHP.

A CHP plant can provide more than electricity and heat. If integrated in innovative energy concepts.

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Solutions for every location.<br />
<br />

Solutions for every location.

In existing buildings or separately in a container or concrete sound hood.

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